Creative Hut is a full service construction firm based in Amritsar, Punjab, India specializing in new residential construction & remodeling. Founded by Arch. S. K. Choudhary in 2001, Creative Hut has continued to grow with renovation and new construction projects in Amritsar City.

Our Mission

Our goal is for you to know that you have a knowledgeable and determined partner in achieving your dream. We want our clients to have a rewarding experience — one rooted in clear communication, well defined timelines, and sound building practice. From the first meeting to the final brush stroke, we want you to feel included and empowered.

Our Philosophy

We believe in keeping it simple. We work hard every day. We strive to improve every day. We appreciate our employees and treat them like we want to keep them. We keep our word. We believe our customers come first. We undertake projects that fit our unique skills. We believe anything worth doing, is worth doing well. It’s that simple.

We build passion into every project…and it shows!