Kitchen Conversation

We’ve All Heard It: Kitchens (And Baths) Sell Homes !!!

Kitchens are the heart of the home. Grandma’s kitchen: Tasters welcome. We get it! Kitchens are important. But they’re also expensive. We try to educate our clients from the beginning about what things cost and parse their needs. We tell them that they don’t need drawers in every single inch of the kitchen. We have to think about the odd-shaped things that won’t fit in a drawer.

We’ve come to expect stainless steel and granite in high-end kitchens, but maybe it’s time to expand your horizons. “Granite used to be a premium, but now it’s everywhere,” Expert says. “Most apartments have granite now.” Consider engineered stone and other countertop options.

As for stainless steel, it’s still a thing. But like granite, it’s pretty standard stuff. You might want to take a chance on some of the new designs that we are producing at Creative Hut’s sites — basically glassed appliances in all black, white, or chocolate. Think how fantastic they’ll look with the tasteful Tile-works and Waterworks plumbing fixtures you’ve so carefully chosen.

For cabinets, think about some of the lighter woods or more natural-colored walnuts, or go bold with some matte lacquers. Experts say white kitchens are coming back, too.

Kitchen remodeling is one of our specialties! Take out a wall & open things up, custom cabinetry, new granite/marble/quartz counter tops, new appliances, add a new island, a new back splash, new sinks & faucets, recessed lighting, under cabinet LED lighting and flooring. Lose the antique appliances, outdated counter tops and old back splash tile, the original light fixtures, the boring flooring, and especially that old popcorn ceiling and wall paper – we’re here to help!

Always Remember Ventilation is key !!!