A Complete Interior Design Guide on Bathroom

A bathroom is a necessity in our daily life. As said, it is an essential room in houses and any other residential buildings. It is typically characterised by installing either a shower or a bathtub or both, depending on the area. All newly constructed homes today include a washbasin in the bathroom. In most of the bathrooms, a separate room or area is given for the toilet section so that you have a peaceful personal hygiene experience.

Surrounding that fits ‘You’

At Creative Hut, we study of how equipment and other interior can be arranged in order that people who live-in can do activities more efficiently and comfortably. Look at the specifications we follow up with while working on a bathroom.

  • Height – By saying height, we do not just mean the bathroom floor to ceiling height; instead, we discuss the individual heights of each accessory set up. Depending on the people at your house, we work on the heights the fittings should be done. If you have kids, it is considered to have a separate bathroom good for their access. Since you will be using all the fittings in a bathroom daily, everything is needed to be at the optimum height, not too tall or short.
  • Bath and shower tap positions – We ensure that the water does not hit you directly at force when you turn on the shower tap, meaning you do not need the shower heads too close to you.
  • Sink rim – It is common to hit your head on the tap once you go down to splash water, and you get up, thud! Your head is hurting a lot. So use taps that are by the sink. If the sink is small, do not go for long faucets.
  • Vanity – Vanities mounted on bathroom walls are common these days. But a common occurrence is that people get bumps on their heads because of it. It is advisable to keep a safe distance between the sink and the vanity closet.
  • Drawers – This is an optional thing to be put in. Still, if you like to have drawers, it is good to have deep drawers just like the ones you have in the kitchen so that when you open them, you can have a look at them directly rather than search in a dark cupboard.
  • Cleaning process – When we go for a bathroom design, we take precautions to clean the bathroom properly. Ensure nothing is crowded, and it is easy enough to access mopping areas.
  • Towel rails – Always keep the towels in a wet-free zone for your comfort and at an optimal height for you to get them.
Bathroom accessories

Mirror: We like to watch ourselves in a mirror. It is something we all hardly miss out on. And a mirror is usually placed just above the sink, keeping a little distance between both. Sometimes it will only be a mirror, or sometimes it can be a mirror door to your vanity cabinet. Here we have given you some types of the mirror commonly demanded:

  • Round mirror – These days, round mirrors are designed for a highly defined surface to provide a clear vision. It also makes the bathroom look more expansive.
  • Decorative mirror – With beautiful frames or work inside the mirror or multiple mirrors arranged in mosaic or other shapes fall under this category. This makes the bathroom look more pleasant.
  • Rectangle mirror – Rectangle mirrors are most popular as they are flat and show figures in proper scale. They can either be placed in portrait or landscape, depending on the room size.

Soap dispenser: Soap dispensers are necessary for all bathrooms, especially bathrooms with sinks. There are a variety of soap dispenser designs available in the market. So, select the best design suitable for your bathroom.

Bathtubs: Bathtubs can be of different types and sizes. They can be rectangular, oval, or round and can be long, wide, small or have platform or alcoves.

Toothbrush holder: You have a sink in your bathroom; you brush your teeth every day there. So it is a must for toothbrush holders to be kept near the sink or in the vanity.

Soap holder: If you use soap for bathing, it is better to keep it in a soap holder to prevent sogginess. And if you are someone who uses shower gel, then a rack is advisable to be installed.

Napkin holder: Holders for safekeeping of napkins are necessary to maintain them hygienically. This can be kept inside the vanity.

Towel holder, towel rack: An unavoidable thing while you are in a bathroom is a towel, so it is always best to have towel racks or holders to keep the towels safe and away from the bathroom’s wet zone.

Paper roll holder: Tissue papers are a good companion in a bathroom. It is better to have paper roll holders away from water or safe inside the vanity to keep them away from getting drenched in water and completely useless.

Shower curtains: Shower curtains are optional, but this gives you privacy and helps keep a wet and dry zone separately. So, when buying one, remember to get the best quality water draining ones.

Laundry basket: You need a place to put all the clothes, including towels that are to be taken for laundry together. So getting a laundry basket for putting the dirty clothes is needed.

Dust bin: It is mandatory to have dust bins to dump all the used bottles, covers, sanitary products and tissues. But remember to take the trash out regularly.

Bathroom flooring

When you enter a bathroom, the first thing you notice is the flooring. It is always advisable to have delightful flooring that manages space, mood and budget. Here are some of the ordinary floorings:

  • Porcelain tiles – This is the most wanted tile. Why? It is waterproof, stylishly designed and cost-effective. It also has antibacterial properties. All these qualities are a result of shaping clay under high temperatures. A variety of sizes and styles are available, including hexagonal, square and octagonal and so on. The advantages are easy maintenance, cost-effectiveness, stain-resistant, waterproof, and antibacterial.
  • Vinyl flooring – It includes sheets, planks and tiles. It is easy to install and maintain and comes in different patterns and styles. The advantages are water-resistant, cost-effective, easy installation and replacement, good walking experience, and a luxury look to the bathroom.
  • Natural stone – If you want luxurious bathroom flooring, go for natural stones like granite, marble, limestone and travertine. They offer a luxury look to the bathroom, have texture variations, use a variety of stones.
  • Wood – Do you love wood flooring? It is not far away to get them. They look classy and authentic. They are sturdy, suitable for foot health-helps in reducing foot arthritis, withstands heat, and are easy to install.
  • Laminate – if you have hard flooring, it is best to laminate the flooring. It is made of oak, slate, marble, etc., it is cost-effective and easy to install, and it comes in various designs and styles.
  • Concrete – They are pretty standard and an excellent choice for your bathroom floors. They are rigid and robust, ensuring that no dents or scratches can occur. They are waterproof, water-resistant and also are of low maintenance.
Bathroom furniture and storage

Open shelves – Open shelves or cabinets are easy to access. They are suitable for storing all hygiene products like toothbrushes, toothpaste and other products. They can be of a variety of materials, but the best-looking one is wood.

Under-sink shelves – They can be drawers that can store all the cleaning products and other essential products that can be taken quickly. Drawers allow you to take things easy rather than finding inside a dark cupboard.

Wicker baskets for storage – Wicker baskets are additional decorative baskets used as storage baskets for storing towels, tissue rolls, etc.

Bathroom wardrobe

  • Walk-in wardrobe – Otherwise called walk-in closets give you much needed privacy. You can walk inside the wardrobe, change your clothes and get ready for your day.
  • Mirrored wardrobe – having a mirror helps you groom yourself perfectly by dressing up and doing other grooming sessions.
  • Small cup – Daily and essential wardrobe accessories can be stored in a small cupboard.
Bathroom paint

Bathroom paints are usually similar to normal paints for houses. There is no such thing as bathroom paint, but a category of paint is formulated for moist environments, especially in bathrooms. What are the qualities a paint for the bathroom should have?

  • Anti-microbial properties – The paint should resist moulds or mildew.
  • Washable – The paint finish should be washable, meaning when you scrub the walls, the paint should not wear off. So, it should be tough and resilient.

Even though the price of these so-called bathroom paints is a bit higher than the ordinary standard paints, it is a relief to know that it takes only a small quantity of paint in the bathroom.

Bathroom ceilings

After a good floor and pleasing paint, the next thing you will notice is the bathroom ceiling. There is a variety of materials for ceiling available in the market. Here is a brief of the common ones:

  • Cement board – These are best for wet zones as it will prevent the moisture from damaging the ceiling.
  • Tiles – They are affordable, aesthetic and water-resistant. Also, they are pretty easy to install.
  • Acrylic – They are light and easy to install with L-shaped aluminium strips. They come in patterns, transparent or solid colours.
  • Gypsum – They are ready-made from plaster of Paris material. It helps heat to be absorbed, and the usage of water-resistant gypsum is the best choice.
Bathroom Plants

It is always refreshing to have plants in rooms, particularly in bathrooms; it will be a wonderful experience. Some of the plants that you can grow in a bathroom:

  • Snake plant
  • Boston fern
  • Ivy
  • Spider plant
  • Devil’s lily and Peace lily
  • Heartleaf
  • Aloe vera
Bathroom lights

Since bathrooms are your place of peace in your house, relaxing and bright lights should be installed in the bathroom. Vanity lighting should not be constricted to fancy bulbs; go for different styles and shapes to give the bathroom the perfect set up. There are a lot of types of lighting exclusively for bathrooms available in the market.

Bathroom Plumbing points

Plumbing is a significant part of the bathroom setup that needs much planning to function very smoothly. Here are some of the measurements to keep in mind while doing the plumbing:

  • Washbasin – It should be at least 15 inches above the ground level for the smooth functioning.
  • Pouring point/flush tank – Flush tanks should work smoothly without any hindrance. So make sure that its point is at least 60 inches above ground level.
  • Shower, taps – The tap should be at a point 6 inches above ground level and must give a considerable level of height between the faucet and the shower.
  • Drainage system – Draining points should be planned very accurately, or else there are chances for it to leak into the bathroom. To avoid this, individual draining points are determined from the toilet, sink and tub/shower.
Electrical points for Bathroom
  • Geyser – The geyser switches must be outside the bathroom to avoid the risk of electric shock. The height and space of the geyser are critical. It should be away from the toilet, shower, and bathtub.
  • Light – Since bathrooms are always moist, the power usage will be considerably high. It is also necessary to be cautious that the wiring does not contact water in any way possible.

A significant portion of bathroom lighting needs a lot of careful level of wiring. The wet zone or the shower zone should have wiring rated enough for the direct spray of water. Similarly, for dry zones, even though they are called dry zones, get damp with all the moisture in the room, so it is advisable to go with wet-rated wiring over there.

Generally, a necessary bathroom wiring involves a 20 A GFCI- protected circuit for receptacles. For the switches and light fixtures and any other appliance, a 15 A general circuit is required. Sometimes lighting will have to be separately wired to ensure no interruption in the power supply.

  • Sockets – Place the sockets at a distance of 3 meters from the shower or bath to avoid any chances of splashing water.
Bathroom partitions

Glass partitions – Partitions for toilet and bath area are a standard bathroom ergonomics considered in most of the house constructions. It ensures you the much-needed privacy required when you need it.

Bathroom Vastu

Directions: The north-west corner or part of the home is always the first to construct a bathroom. The second best is the north-east corner or part, and the third-best is the south-west part (not corner).

Vastu for Utilities

  • Mirrors – The northern part of the bathroom
  • Wash Basin – Northwestern part of the bathroom
  • Shower – Northwestern part of the bathroom
  • Toilet Seat – While the person is sitting, they should never face east or west

Things to keep in mind – Never place a toilet above the pooja room or fire or bed place. Do not install septic tanks on the south side of the toilet. You should not locate an attached toilet in the south-east or south-west corner and remember not to store water or install taps in the south-west or south-east.

Trending bathroom designs

Hotel-style bathroom: Did you like the bathroom design of the hotel you visited? Do you wish to have the same style bathroom for your home décor too? Let us look at what all you need to do for that:

  • Tiles everywhere – Cover this large space with floor-to-ceiling tiles, preferably in soft colours like watercolour green and the floor in slate grey colour.
  • Black shines – A white background with sleek and shining black tiles and an integrated cistern and basin can make the room look spacious.
  • Brass utilities – These include brass-induced rustic bath accessories and utilities including a vintage tap and basin with the dark background colour.
  • Contemporary – Contemporary gives a classy feeling. Mix old and new to get the perfect look. Install a single pipe shower for authenticity.
  • Mosaic – A white bathroom with a soft green mosaic pattern gives that touch of finishing with a long sink to go with.

Spa-style bathroom: When you hear the word ‘spa,’ the first thing that comes to your mind is ‘relax.’ Who does not need a nice relaxing bath these days! It is not just in spas; you can have the spa experience in your home. Have a large bathtub or a jacuzzi for the feel of a hot bath and very calming lighting, along with a very soft and relaxing colour for the bathroom paint. Bring in a large space for you to feel the expansion of your mind.

Minimalist bathroom designs: It is considered a family space. A mini spa-like experience is possible in a minimalist design by adding natural elements. It brings out the aesthetics in a design. By meaning, a minimalist bathroom only contains essential things. But that doesn’t mean luxury can’t be achieved in the minimalist model. You can put in vanity lights or very few potted plants and racks for the towel. Saving space should be the motto, not things. With the limited space, you make up the best bathroom that shows elegance.